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Federal Court Hammers California – Loses Big For 2020 Elections

Jerry Brown didn’t see Donald Trump and his team coming. Well here it comes.

When Democrats are in power, there’s going to be corruption. That’s particularly true in California.

In 2018, politicians and their volunteers walked house to house, gathering up votes outside of voting booths.

That is, at the moment, legal in Governor Jerry Brown’s Golden State.

That questionable practice led to many Democrats winning their races—weeks after the election when “all” the votes came in.

Now conservatives are getting a huge win in federal court, one that will impact future elections.

From MAGA Voter:

After a courtroom agreement on Wednesday, the State of California and Los Angeles County will now remove approximately 1.5 million inactive registered voters from the registration rolls.

The move came after a 2017 lawsuit was filed by watchdog group Judicial Watch, who alleged that the state and county had exceptionally high numbers relating to inactive voters.

During the 2016 election, the state faced sweeping allegations of voter fraud, including mass-scale voting by illegal aliens residing in the many “sanctuary cities” throughout California.

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Democrats like Jerry Brown use every trick possible to steal elections. Often, they will get people to vote, using the names of dead citizens still on voter rolls.

They have a history of cramming ballots this way—and many others.

But now, thanks to Trump and Judicial watch, California Democrats have a big problem. In 2020, they can’t exploit this massive number of fraudulent registered voters.

Americans will once again have the power to eject worthless lawmakers from office.

Hopefully, Californians who watched liberals destroy their state will be able to take it back from their clutches.

But will they?

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Source: MAGA Voter

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